The UHI Issue is Heating Up

The Urban Heat Island effect is currently being discussed at three sites that I am aware of:

Climate Audit at

CO2 Science at

Icecap at 

Icecap at

No doubt there are discussions at other sites as well. 

We can expect that RC will be receiving numerous posts, comments and questions regarding the UHI effect, and adjustments to the temperature record to allow for it.  The three main global mean temperature series are provided by GISS, NOAA and HadleyCRU.   Satellite series are provided by UAH and RSS.

It appears that, as in other areas of climate science, the real climate scientists have been rather slow in providing details of how they are adjusting for UHI effects.  There are long discussions at several sites on this, but all that is clear is that it is not clear that GISS, NOAA or HadleyCRU are actually adjusting for UHI adequately, or if at all.

The reality of UHI effects can be demonstrated by anybody who has a modern car with a outside temperature sensor readout on the dash.  All you have to do is to observe the temperatures as you drive from a clearly rural environment through a town or past an airport, and then back into a rural environment.   It becomes abundantly clear from such observations that there are substantial UHI effects.  Or to put it another way, the temperature within the town or city centres or near airports is anomalously high by several degrees C.

No doubt there are recorders that can read the output of these temperature sensors, and record the temperature and GPS location.   To my knowledge there are no cheap consumer instruments of this type available (yet), but they must certainly be available to the climate agencies.  One wonders why they don’t undertake studies of the UHI effect by direct measurement. 

Anyhow, we can anticipate that there will be numerous questions posed at RC on this issue, and if the past is any guide, we can expect that posts will be censored.  If that happens to you, we will happily put your posts up here for all to see.  For that reason, I suggest that you keep the language in your posts professional and moderate.  I wouldn’t want to have to censor your posts myself  🙂


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