Week 16th Feb to 22nd Feb

Last week was a relatively quiet week for us. Only two independent posters (thanks guys).

Vernon was concerned about rejection, but reported that his post was finally allowed after 7 times (well done Vernon). Spencer put up a post saying that he had been away and that somebody was complaining that he had censored them, and that wasn’t his role. Fair enough Spencer.

The interesting story over at RC (at least for me) was the On Replication thread. Especially when B D McCullough and Ross McKitrick published their paper on replication. So far as I could see, it hardly got a mention at RC. It did achieve some MSM coverage I noticed from googling Google News.

A good paper, and worthy of consideration. There was a vigorous debate about it over at CA, but I have been away for the weekend, and during that time CA crashed, and so far as I know, is still down.

Quite a few comments at CA (and some other sites) reflecting appreciation for the open dialogue at CA and contrasting that with the heavily censored (does anybody doubt it now?) partisan sites like RC and Open Mind.

Michael Tobis, bless his heart, had his time in the sun arguing in favour of transparency and replication. Good on you Michael. I think I probably disagree with you on quite a few issues (judging from your website) but I certainly agree with your position on that.

Time to reflect again on the question of whether I should keep doing this, the point having been well and truly documented by now. Actually I am finding it an interesting thing to put a bit of time into, so I suppose that I will keep at it for a bit longer. I will be travelling for the next month or so, so for my loyal reader, don’t worry if you don’t see a regular post from me.

Best to all.


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