Some Things that Puzzle About RC

Very strange lot, that RC lot. Before I start on that, have you noticed that they have changed the details on their home page? Where they used to have quite a long list of contributors, that list has now disappeared. Instead you now have to click on a link “Contributors” and when you get there, there are only five names – Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, Caspar Amman, Rasmus Benestad and Raymond Bradley.

Disappeared are Eric Steig, Stefan Rahmstorf, Raymond Pierrehumbert, and a whole lot more names that I can’t remember.

I wonder why luminaries who were once so keen to tie their colours to the RC mast are not now so keen?

CORRECTION It turns out that I was mistaken. In a post at WUWT, Hu McCulloch points out that at the bottom of the Contributors page, there is a link called “Earlier Posts”. Click on that and we find William M Connolley, Stefan Rahmstorf, Eric Steig, Thibault de Garidel, David Archer and Raymond Pierrehumbert. Apologies.

Anyhow, turning to the real point of this post. What is it about the team?

Each of Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, Casper Amman, Raymond Hughes, Eric Steig, and Stefan Rahmstorf have had their ‘peer reviewed’ papers and pronouncements taken behind the woodshed, and apparently destroyed by an increasing array of sceptical auditors, all without a peep.

One would have thought, given RCs VOG style, that they would have swept the floor with their questioners, had they chosen to engage. Surely they have ‘robust’ science backing their pronouncements?

So why the refusal to respond to damning criticism?

Why the refusal to engage?

Why the refusal to allow reasonable questions from credible scientists?

Why the unwillingness to clarify points that are not clear?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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