Jeff id Thread on Censorship at RC

Just letting our many readers know that Jeff id has a great thread up at The Air Vent on censorship at RC. Rather than cut and paste the many comments there, better that you visit his site and weigh in if you wish.

It is becoming more and more clear what RC really is!!


3 Responses to “Jeff id Thread on Censorship at RC”

  1. MikeN Says:

    Is there a reason your links can’t be clicked on?

    rcrejects: Err. I don’t know. Perhaps it is my total IT incompetence! I’ll have a look at it. Thanks for alerting me to it.

  2. MikeN Says:

  3. MikeN Says:

    OK, so the software is putting an href around it when I post it, but not when you do.

    I didn’t think the href was necessary to get the links to follow.

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