Have a look at An Inconvenient Comment.

Roger Pielke Jr has drawn attention to a new blog – An Inconvenient Comment – in this thread:


The AIC web address is: http://aicomment.blogspot.com/

(Damn. I still can’t get the link thingy to work. Best cut and paste the address into your address bar – sorry ’bout that).

AIC seeks to provide an environment where folk who have their posts rejected at various climate sites can record their posts. In that respect, AIC is somewhat similar in its intentions to RCR. However, AIC is using a somewhat different approach than RCR has used.

The first thing is that the proprietor is making a substantial effort to maintain a neutral position, and so encourage participation from all sides of the debate. We acknowledge that from time to time we have allowed our scepticism to show, and appreciate that a similar site with a declared neutral position may be more effective. AIC clearly state their policies on their site, which deserve careful review.

The proprietor of AIC is clearly much more proficient at the technical aspects of blogging than your host here, as can be seen by perusing his site.

You will also see that AIC is adopting an approach of following specific threads at particular sites (so far Climate Progress and Real Climate)and inviting rejected commenters to post rejected comments relating to those threads.

It will be interesting to see how AIC develops. We wish the proprietors of AIC well, and look forward to both our sites being ‘hugely’ successful.


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