Steven Mosher Comments on Blog Strategies

Steven Mosher is one of the more thoughtful folk contributing posts at CA and other sites. Today he put up a zinger at CA in the “Core Count in the Phil Transactions” thread – post 20.

steven mosher: November 10th, 2009 at 12:55 pm

SteveF, DO [Delayed Oscillator – an unidentifed dendro with a blog – – mod] has received his training in how to avoid questions and move on. I’ve got a fairly strong suspicion, backed up by a few facts, about his connections to RC.

This all has to do with a media strategy of containment. Since I know about these things and have myself received training in these methods, let me assure you that scientists do not come up with these tactics on their own.

The tactic amounts to this. You have a series of surrogates that do your attacking and defending for you. They have to be anonymous. Atmoz, for example, is NOT a RC surrogate. Tamino is a RC surrogate. He has published papers with RC folks. DO is also a RC surrogate. Connelly is also a surrogate. Each surrogate specializes in different areas.

The surrogates give RC and original authors several benefits. The surrogates can establish false lines
of defense. you waste time and effort attacking their points. The surrogates (say Tom P, who works in conjunction with DO) can also try to waste your time and effort with bogus attacks.

The other tactics they will use is one that drives most people crazy. They only let the LUNATICS from the anti AGW side post, thus creating a false impression of the skeptics. (Tom Fuler did a survey that showed that skeptics are NOT a monolithic group).

They will drive you crazy by editing your posts, thus doubling your work as you cross post your posts to other other boards.

More later. I’ll suggest some counter tactics.

This is certainly an interesting viewpoint, and it will be interesting to follow the discussion that unfolds.


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