The Air Vent on Blog Moderation

JeffID at The Air Vent has a very interesting post up on blog moderation

Jeff contrasts the experience at his blog (unmoderated) and other lightly moderated blogs (CA and WUWT) with the heavily moderated blogs like RC and TOM.

Even before becoming such a big fan of CA, tAV was unmoderated. It’s the only way to do science. Moderated blogs imply that things cannot be heard, very unscientific in my firm opinion. Real climate is such a blog and we know very well that they moderate to prove themselves right as much as anything.

A reporter once asked how this blog keeps such a good tone while anyone can comment unmoderated. Among other things, I told him graphs scare trolls – haha. In retrospect, the truth is that people who understand lurk here, and the community is quite willing to explain errors in thought to anyone here, including me (you guys could give a little room for the host). The point is, were this blog moderated, it would have no credibility whatsoever.

There is much more in Jeff’s post, and in comments. Very much worth a look if you are interested in the issues involved in blog moderation.

H/T to An Inconvenient Comment for alerting me to Jeff’s post.


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