Not Much For Us To Do

The rapid disintegration of the credibility of the IPCC and many climate scientists following the ‘leaking’ of the CRU e:mails and more recent revelations (Himalayan glaciers, Amazon rain forests, disasters) has led to a dramatic shift in public opinion on climate change, most tellingly on the recent BBC poll.

The UK media has now swung convincingly towards the sceptic camp, following the long held stance of The Telegraph.

The issue of censorship of posts at RC sort of doesn’t seem relevant to all this. For one thing, it appears that RC is now allowing many posts that it once would have rejected. For another, it seems that few posters are complaining of being rejected at RC.

Perhaps the issue of RC rejecting posts has run its course.

Our intention is to maintain this site as a repository of rejected posts at climate blogs, and we encourage folk to continue to lodge their rejected posts here.

At the very least, we have gathered a rather large number of rejected posts that makes it quite clear what RC and other climate sites have been doing.

So to our loyal readers and contributors. Thanks for your support. Drop by from time to time.


One Response to “Not Much For Us To Do”

  1. rcrejects Says:

    Actually. I am amazed at the hits we keep getting. Clearly this blog has registered with some blog participants. When I started this, I really didn’t expect the attention that has come. The mysteries of blogging, Eh!

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