Active Discussion of RC at Bishop Hill

I started collecting RC related comments on the Bishop Hill “Tamino On The Hockey Stick Illusion Thread” and posting them in our “Discuss Moderation Policies At Climate Blogs Here #3” thread without having first read all the comments up to date. On doing that, I find that there are many comments discussing RC, their moderation policies, and also their approach to handling questions/comments.

Very interesting material, and generally confirming what we have already learned about RC.

Rather than cut and pasting all of the comments, I have decided to start a new thread directing our readers to the Bishop Hill thread:

(I still haven’t figured out how to make that a live linky thing. Sorry bout that).

Of course, as per our charter, we invite all posters to RC and other sites who think that their posts might be edited/censored to take a copy and we’ll post it up here.


Still catching up. There is a thread discussing “The Hockey Stick Illusion” at RC which relates to this topic. Some comments on moderation, notably from an unidentified editor who says: [edit – comments on our moderation policy are extremely tedious at the best of times. It might not be perfect, but the idea is prevent descent into abusive slanging matches and it mostly works. Don’t insult the hosts is usually a good tip. This is now OT].

Downthread, Thinking Scientist (who expressed concerns about being censored at RC) posts numerous comments. Notably, in comment 142 he says:

“ThinkingScientist says: 23 July 2010 at 6:15 PM


I have enjoyed our discussions today and thank you for allowing every post through. Your final replies to my post #140 are a suitable neutral point for me to close at this point – in my time zone it is now after midnight.


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