The Bore Hole

RC has initiated an open thread called “The Bore Hole” which is described as “A place for comments that would otherwise disrupt sensible conversations.”

A good move in our view. Hopefully they will post ALL rejected comments there. Of course, if they do, the role of this site is effectively nullified. Oh well. At least our site provides a rather larger sample of rejected comments than the 13 currently shown on The Bore Hole thread.

It will be interesting to observe the development of The Bore Hole. So far, to this observer anyhow (and maybe reflecting my bias), the posts in The Bore Hole are not really contentious, and on most other blogs would be allowed.

I would guess that the RC mob are following the incredible success of Judith Curry in attracting commenters at her Climate Etc blog. Judith allows comment from all sides of the climate spectrum. Interestingly, the conversation so far seems to attract more commenters of a sceptical bent than CAGW supporters, but perhaps this will change. Certainly the topics she raises attract keen interest.


4 Responses to “The Bore Hole”

  1. rcrejects Says:

    A very interesting discussion has arisen in relation to the Eric Steig Antarctic paper that was critiqued by a paper at Climate Journal by Ryan O’Donnell and others. Steig responded to the critique with a post at RC. That attracted some comment, but nothing to match the withering response from Ryan O’Donnell today in posts put up at CA, WUWT and pointed to from Bishop Hill.

    Many comments about RC, their moderation and censorship policies, The Bore Hole and more interestingly about the way in which science works out these days in a curious mix of published papers and blog rebuttals and counter-rebuttals.

    There is quite a lot of emotion on display. Rather than cut and paste commentary from the several sites carrying threads on this topic, we suggest that you go join the fun yourself.

  2. rcrejects Says:

    WUWT has a whole thread devoted to The Bore Hole today. Lots of interest.

  3. rcrejects Says:

    The Bore Hole is a very interesting thread, at least to this observer.

    However, it seems clear that RC is NOT putting up all rejected comments there. We can tell that from the fact that the rate of adding posts is quite slow really, and also from the comments being made by posters at other sites complaining that their posts are rejected without being accorded the honour of appearing in The Bore Hole.

    Numerous commenters agree that The Bore Hole is the most interesting thread at RC. Certainly it looks to me that there are some pretty interesting and insightful posts there.

    Posters who think that their posts might be rejected are encouraged to keep a copy and (subject to their being suitable for family viewing) we will post them here.

  4. Joe Says:

    I posted a question about how they are reusing upside-down proxies Tiljander in making this paper, and whether they plan to address that. Disappeared.

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