Apology For Inactivity

Given that we seem to have some reliable regular visitors here, who must be disappointed about the lack of new posts or activity on this site, I feel that perhaps I should explain what is happening with RCRejects.

The fact is that it is now widely understood that RC harshly censor posts that ask “inconvenient” questions, or challenge the AGW view promulgated there. They do post some rejected comments to their Bore Hole thread, which actually makes entertaining reading. However, it is very evident that they still reject numerous posts. How do we know that? Well, a sufficiently large number of people have had difficulties posting at RC over the years that there is quite a bit of comment about that topic at some of the more sceptical websites dealing in climate related issues. And numerous posters now put up copies of their rejected posts at one or other of these sites.

In fact, I was stimulated to put this post up after seeing the current “discussion” relating to the Stefan Rahmstorf paper and Roger Pielke Jr’s questions relating to that paper. Roger Pielke is reporting the discussion at his website, but the interested observer can also watch the “edited” version of the discussion at RC.

The reality is that our role, if we ever had one, is pretty much redundant now. Hopefully this site provides a record of RC comment rejection that might be useful to somebody sooner or later who wishes to address the topic of RC handling of comments.

Thanks for coming along. I plan to leave the website up, but it will remain largely inactive.


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